We saw  the Airstrip medical app at WWDC. CNBC follows up with a real doctor-patient case study:


From CNBC:

"It gives us the opportunity to access crucial patient data and the stuff we need to manage the patient any place we are," Dr. Alan Fishman tells us. "It gives us a very accurate picture of what is going on from a moment to moment basis." The Airstrip software is now used by 2,000 doctors in 100 hospitals nationwide, each paying hundreds of dollars a month in subscription fees. The software took years to develop, with Airstrip now celebrating its sixth year in business.

"With Airstrip, we provide physicians with real time, remote access to critical patient data, any time, anywhere, on their mobile device, with just a cell phone connection," Dr. Cameron Powell, the company’s president tells us. "It allows the physicians to utilize that internet connection, which is the cell phone signal, to obtain these data…so from the patient safety standpoint, it is critical to be able to deliver these kinds of data to a doctor anywhere they have a cell phone connection."

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