We’re sure there have been lots of low budget music videos made with the iPhone 3GS’s video recording feature, but here’s one we actually like:


Reyna Perez has embraced the concept of digital collaboration with her self-titled EP. She recorded each song in Brooklyn on acoustic guitar at a home studio and emailed the tracks to producer Michael Maurice (Curio Sound) in Denver. Over the course of 2 months, Maurice mastered her songs into full fledged productions using Logic software and his own instruments. "I’ve given them a warm analogue sound, without using any actual analogue equipment; it’s a testament to the times, and I’m very happy with the results," says Maruice.

The final mixes arrived via ftp on Friday, June 17th, the same day the iphone 3GS hit the streets. Video producer Ari Kuschnir, Reyna’s fiancee, purchased the iPhone after a two hour wait, made shorter by listening to the tracks. Hearing the new music and playing with 3GS, he had an idea. Why not debut Reyna with the first iPhone music video? "It became clear that the phone’s camera quality was good enough to shoot a music video. It seemed fitting for the project."

Over the next few days, the plan and the team came together. Within a week, through a series of collaborations much like the mastering of Reyna’s EP, the video was complete.

Here’s the video, and here’s Reyna on Facebook, and here she is on reverbnation.com.

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