Seems a lot of people have been having issues with AT&T lately.  Is their service poor enough for Apple to make a move?  How poor would it have to be?  Would another US telco be able to step up?  My take.

 Update: According to FakeSteve, Apple Employees are only using Verizon iPhones.

some guy at TechCrunch says the iPhone is great but AT&T is a "big, steaming pile" of poop. I have to agree. If anything, we hate those morons at AT&T more than you do. Do you have any idea how awful it is to be yoked to a pack of bozos like that? Truth is, nobody around here runs their iPhone on AT&T. Most of us are on Verizon — we’re doing a trial before the official announcement, which should come later this year or early next. Oops. Did I just say that out loud? In case you’re wondering what it’s like on Verizon — it’s spectacular.

 All kidding aside, would it surprise anyone if Steve Jobs had a Verizon iPhone?

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