According to some Redmond Seattle News Station, iPods get hot and sometimes catch on fire.  In S. Korea that led to a recall…(dirty secret – they sold those exact same iPods in the US).  Apparently the news station was bitter at Apple’s lawyers for keeping the information from them for seven months.  It’s almost like they don’t know what lawyers are paid to do…

Also, Apple’s lawyers continue to get their backsides handed to them by the EFF. This time it was over a failed DMCA claim over conversations on BlueWiki concerning the iTunes DB.

Apple sent another letter on July 8, 2009 withdrawing its cease and desist demands. “Apple no longer has, nor will it have in the future, any objection to the publication of the iTunesDB Pages,” Apple’s letter said.

“While we are glad that Apple retracted its baseless legal threats, we are disappointed that it only came after 7 months of censorship and a lawsuit,” said EFF Senior Staff Attorney Fred von Lohmann. “Because Apple continues to use technical measures to lock iPod Touch and iPhone owners into — and Palm Pre owners out of — using Apple’s iTunes software, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more discussions among frustrated customers about reverse engineering Apple products. We hope Apple has learned its lesson here and will give those online discussions a wide berth in the future.”

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