DF spoke with someone (at Apple most likely) who mentioned that Apple killed Google Voice on the direct orders of AT&T.  Fantastic.  Killing innovation and competition has now become the first order of business for these characters.  Here’s a little advice: If you were ever thinking of downloading a VoIP app, do it right now, before other apps start disappearing from of the App Store without explanation.  As DF mentions, AT&T has a special double standard for iPhone users.  Sling Player works over 3G on Blackberry and Windows Mobile.  Google Voice works on Blackberry on AT&T.

Apple users: This is what "carrier exclusivity" buys you.

Skype (iTunes Link)

Fring (iTunes Link)


IM+ with Skype

Classy move all the way around. What I like is that Google is sitting back, letting these joker telcos get away with this, knowing in the long run it only helps them.  VoIP technology is so superior that these feeble attempts to block them will only hurt the telcos more.




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