Unless there is a monumental typo here (there was!), the WSJ just outted Apple as being an attendee of CES 2010

Apple plans to attend the show’s 2010 version, marking the first time in memory the Cupertino, Calif., consumer-electronics giant will be there.

You’ll remember there was a lot of talk about Apple’s intentions after they announced that last years Macworld would be the last one they’d ever attend.  Apple remarked that they had better avenues for reaching their customers, like the Apple Store, the web…and apparently CES.

The WSJ also notes that Steve Jobs has been invited to be the Keynote speaker but he hasn’t gotten back to Gary Shapiro, who heads the world’s largest consumer electronics industry trade group.

FYI, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Intel CEO Paul Otellini say they will provide keynotes at the show.

Update.  WSJ page updated to reflect :

Correction: It is not clear whether Apple will attend the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show. This post previously stated that Apple would attend.

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