Although it isn’t true GPS like the iPhone 3G has (and possibly the unannounced iPod touch), Eye-Fi is now offering Apple’s iPhoto users a way to organize their pictures in Places without having a GPS-enabled camera.

Places is an iPhoto feature that organizes photos according to where they are taken, and arranges them in an easy to decipher Google Map. Although you can later manually tag photos to the general area where they were taken, the process is tedious and time consuming. 

Eye-Fi is targeting Apple’s iPhoto users with their new Geo Card ($60 Apple Store), which seamlessly geotags photos that can then be downloaded into Apple’s iPhoto as normal.  The SD card uses Wifi triangulation to give best approximations of location, much like the iPod touch uses Wifi to locate itself in the

Users can also upgrade their Geo card to share images online at MobileMe – or one of more than 20 other photo sharing and social networking sites – for a $9.99 annual fee.

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