A columnist for PC Retail magazine has launched what could become today’s biggest rumor – speculation that Apple may soon allow OS X to be run on PCs from other manufacturers.

Robert Peckham notes, “The Dell Mini 7 and 9 (and probably the 10 also) can be easily modified with a small software download, which allows the user to install and run Apple’s Mac OS X v10.5.”

He points out the software to enable installation of the superior OS is made available by Dell itself, and asks “why is Apple allowing this?”

In a second report on the same site, the Mac Technology Association is reported as suggesting “Apple may be preparing to open up OS X to the PC channel…”

However, that second report also points out that Robert Peckham (who penned the original report) is actually executive director of the association.

We have to say, while we know millions of Windows users would welcome the chance to run a decent user-focused OS on their machines, we’re not completely convinced Apple wants the hassle of providing support services to so may different machines with so many different components.

Plus, with Mac sales at new heights and Apple making so much cold hard cash from its hardware sales, we don’t truly believe there’s fire inside the smoke here….

What do you think?

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