The iPhone really does have an App “for everything” – and that claim has been officially sanctioned by the UK Advertising Standards Association – the body which ensures claims made in advertising are the truth.

There were 10 complaints that the Apple TV advert which claimes “there’s an app for just about anything – only on the iPhone,” was misleading because it isn’t the only smartphone to offer a marketplace from which a range of applications could be downloaded. But these ten complaints were not upheld by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Naturally, the majority of these applications also work on the iPod touch , which is expected to gain its own built-in camera in the coming weeks.

The ASA said there were far more applications available for the iPhone than the G1 phone, which also offers applications, and the user-experience of the iPhone and its app store was “distinct”.

“We concluded the claim ’Only on the iPhone’ was justified and not misleading,” the ASA said.

During the enquiry, Apple told the ASA that its App Store, “provided users with a unique experience unmatched by any other application market place”.

So there it is – it’s official – there really is an App for “everything” on the iPhone…unless you want Google Latitude, Google Voice, MMS+tethering in the US…

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