In an interview with a RIM representative, Jason Wilk from pulled some interesting information about upcoming Blackberries, including the following about front-facing cameras for video conferencing:

I asked him what RIM planned to do if the iPhone were to have upgraded their hardware to include a front-facing camera. His response was “as I said before, we are fortunate to have our relationships with many different carriers, some of which can handle something like live video-conferencing”. In other words, he and his team weren’t worried about the iPhone launching front-facing video-chat so long as they are with AT&T. The last thing he said to me was “video conferencing is something that could completely change the mobile landscape and it is something we have been thinking about and working on for quite some time. You will start seeing something early next year”.

Apple has had its eye on forward facing cameras as well, detailing them in various patent applications published over the past year.  Many thought the iPhone 3GS would have a forward facing camera but concerns about AT&T’s poor network quality (as stated above) probably put that out of Apple’s reach.

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