The latest story making the rounds is that Apple is soon going to approve a native Netflix app for the iPhone and iPod touch.  While we’d love to see this, we think there might be some pretty significant hurdles for the Netflix team to overcome.  Namely that Apple doesn’t like competition (or duplication) of its apps on the iPhone and has expressly forbidden it in the past.  Apple banned Podcaster from the App Store because iTunes plays podcasts for instance.

Apple started allowing iTunes to download movies over the iPhone and iPod touch in the latest update.  Netflix also allows you download movies over the network for a price.  Additionally, Apple usually parlays a 30% take on apps sold through apps (Amazon Kindle exempted).  We aren’t feeling it.

As the article stated, AT&T aren’t going to be huge fans of sending movie files over the wireless networks either.

Would we love to see it?  Yes.  do we expect to?  No.

Apple’s iTunes Movie downloads on iPhone

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