Tucked away in the iProd product UBDeviceConfiguration.plist file, we see information that seems to imply that this product is going to have an USB-Ethernet interface from the following string:


The iPod Touch doesn’t have the same Ethernet string in their USB configuration file.  They have this (and so did the original prototype iProd):


Does this Ethernet reference mean iPhones and the new iProd are going to have the ability to plug into an Ethernet wall jack?  Technically…sort of.  It is a USB to Ethernet interface similar to the MacBook Air’s 10/100 USB-Ethernet adapter. 

However, the purpose of this Ethernet interface for Apple in the iPhone is the wired USB tether (that AT&T still doesn’t support but you can enable here).  The iPod touch doesn’t have this Ethernet interface because it doesn’t need to tether.  It, like the iPhone, has a separate interface for its Wifi connection.

So I think it is logically safe to conclude that this "iProd" is also going to have the ability to do the same wired USB tether, making 3G Internet access a necessity.  The only other reasonable alternative is that you’ll be able to use the iPhone to tether to this device.  (Unless Apple’s plan is to have a wired tablet experience?)

We are hopeful that Apple allows its users to have a choice between carriers perhaps using something like Qualcomm’s Gobi 3G Chipset.



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