In a post titled Apple Recruits eBay Data Center Executive Olivier Sanche, Can Apple Change Data Centers the way they changed cell phone and media players?, Dave Ohara from the Green Data Center Blog reports that a key eBay data center executive is shifting over to Apple, perhaps to oversee the construction of its new North Carolina facility.

“There is no other person I can think of who could better prepare Apple for Greening the Data Center,” Dave writes. “Olivier is one of the few data center managers who uses a Mac, and he craves the moment he can drop the blackberry and switch to the iPhone.”

Dave continues:

Good Luck, Olivier.  I am placing my bets Apple will change the data center industry the way they changed cell phones and media players with the iPhone and iPod.  It is not just the environmental issues, there are huge opportunities to leverage the data center servers with client devices – iPod, iPhone, and Macs.  Photos, Music, and Video and the associated media industry is Apple’s strength.  Google focuses on Search.  Microsoft focuses on Windows, Office, and competing against Google.  Apple focuses on consumers.

Who do you think is going to change the data center industry the most Google, Microsoft, or Apple?

Or maybe what individuals will change the data center industry?  Keep your eye on Olivier.

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