Apple, Sony and Nintendo are in the legal crosshairs once again this week, as a WiFi network company, Bandspeed, has slammed litigation down against the three tech firms, alleging patent infringement.

Bandspeed describes itself as, “the leader in next-generation WiFi management, providing access point (AP) solutions that make possible mission-critical WiFi voice, data and video applications for the business mass market.”

The company reckons Apple, Sony and Nintendo offer devices which infringe on two patent that firm holds. The offending gadgets are the iPhone, Wii and PS3.

Bandspeed says the patents in question relate to “managing wireless communication channels using frequency hopping”. The patents are U.S. Patent No. 7,027,418 (entitled “Approach for Selecting Communications Channels Based on Performance”) and 7,570,614 (entitled “Approach for Managing Communications Channels Based on Performance”),

The lawsuit was filed last week, little additional detail is available at this time.

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