It’s a wonderful world according to Gizmodo, as a bored Dell employee with too much time on his hands as the recession continues to savage sales of Windows systems decided to make a little funny in a simple but effective exercise – installing Mac OS X on an in-store Dell netbook.

We can’t guarantee it’s a true story, though we’d point out Gizmodo seem pretty convinced of the veracity of this versatile experiment with a Dell Inspiron Mini 910v netbook. Incidentally, that particular Dell netbook has the, ahem, interesting reputation as being a model that’s relatively easy to install Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard (available at a discount at Amazon) upon.

While the report won’t say where this Dell/Mac was on show, won’t say who did the deed, or anything much else, Gizmodo observes: "It’s easy to understand why Dell and Best Buy can’t officially market netbooks as Hackintosh machines, but it’s nice to see a Best Buy employee so attuned to the needs of his customers."

What needs indeed. What joy Apple could bring by reversing its Boot Camp paradigm and offering an OS X flavour for Wintel boxes. And while that’s hardly likely to happen, as it would cannibalise Apple’s own hardware sales, it sure would lay the smack down against the Windows hegemony.

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