The only downside when buying a Mac in some Apple retail stores is the wait to get your hands on a demo unit – see, the Apple stores also do double duty as the world’s biggest network of free Internet cafe’s, but there’s always someone who’ll take it one step further: step forward YouTube freestyle hip-hop wannabe, nicholifavs, who uses Apple retail as his personal A/V studio.

The young man has shot dozens of lip sync videos of the proto-hip hopulist styling away to his favourite tracks, including in this case the Black Eyed Peas, “Boom Boom Pow”.

We wonder how long it will be until some Mac users abandon their office space and try to run a business from within Apple’s retail outlets?

VIA: Boing Boing

UPDATE: Also amusing on our irregular morning round-up of unusual clips captured inside Apple retail stores, here’s footage of a "Hula Hit and Run" which took place at Apple’s San Francisco store last weekend: The “N? Lei Hulu I Ka W?kiu Dancers” had been performing in SF, theu got to Apple’s store, spread across the place and went for it, only to disappear when their dance was done. Quite amusing.

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