Back before Compact Discs there were two other music formats, cassette tape and vinyl. These are beloved of music purists, who pine for that warm, analogue sound.

We can’t bring the analogue back, but we can make the experience a little more nostalgic using this new pair of applications which made their way to the App Store this week: Vinyl DJ and Cassette Deck.

Vinyl DJ (99c) lets you play songs from your iPhone”s music library using an on-screen record player – and lets you mess with vinyl-replicating sounds such as added dust, crackle, scratch and mechanical noise.

Cassette Deck (99c), on the other hand, does the same thing but using a virtual tape player. This lets you “skin” the image on your screen so the cassettes change as the songs cycle. You also get the delight of watching the tape spin, a virtual eject button and more.

We think these low cost apps could be a little retro fun this Wednesday morning.

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