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In the days running up to the release of Snow Leopard, Amazon has dropped the price of Snow Leopard to $24.99 and its family pack (5 licenses) of Snow Leopard to $43.99.  If you’ve already ordered Snow Leopard from Amazon, don’t worry, there is a price garantee and the difference will be deducted from your bill.  Happy shopping.  If you haven’t ordered…Click here.  Also Snow Leopard Server and Box Sets have been dropped up to $55.

New Prices are as follows:
10.6 Snow Leopard: $24.99
Family Pack (5-User): $43.99
Box Set (SL, iLife, iWork):$149
Box Set Family Pack (5U):$199
Snow Leopard Server  $444.99

Edit: This is a bit of a trick because dropping it below $25 makes the shipping go to $5, bringing the cost back up to the original price, unless you pad your cart with another purchase of $.01 or more.  Good way to get someone to buy something cheap.


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