Oh, what a day – hot on the heels of the approval of Spotify in Europe today, Apple has at last approved Facebook 3.0.

Approval took two weeks, but following this wait the app is now available on the App Store, claims developer, Joe Hewitt. Hewitt is the developer who lambasted Apple recently and called for the removal of the approval process.

TechCrunch reckons if you click the download button on the currently displayer v. 2.5 App on the store, you’ll still download the new version, by the way.

You get a ton of new features, much better navigation of sundry elements of the Facebook on iPhone experience, including a new Events listing, a new first. You also get to post video direct to Facebook, if using an iPhone 3GS (or future iPod touch, some may speculate).

Landscape mode and a more familiar news feed are also included and  Push Notifications are expected in a future point upgrade.

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