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Looking at our Web analytics, as we do from time to time, we found a very interesting referrer.  This one happens to be the Intranet of Media Arts Lab, a super-secret part of advertising giant TBWA/Chiat/Day.  

Media Arts Lab has only one customer.  Apple.  And all of the stuff we’ve found has Apple written all over it. Read on for music…

So what do they have on their Intranet?  Our favorite is Music Fridays.  Though it will probably get taken down soon (shame really), they put up two fantastic songs every week.  Most Apple commercials’ songs come from these choices.  For instance, here’s Yael Naim’s New Soul about three months before it became the title track on the MacBook Air commercial.  There are loads of others, have a look – you can even grab the feed!

Also, note you can’t find any of this stuff on Google web searches nor can you find reference to it on their public facing pages.  This is clearly not meant for our eyes.

Media Arts Lab Intranet Exposed
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Part 2 – Apps Machine
Part 3 – Apple Daily News

Can you find anything else here?

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