There’s been some interest in eBooks of late, as devices such as Kindle, iPhone, iPod touch and others make electronic book-reading a little more comfortable.

Whether you’re an eBook afficionado, or a book as an item purist, you’ll have read about Amazon’s Kindle book store, now a UK start-up has introduced itself, offering six times the number of titles offered by Amazon in multiple formats for multiple platforms. has moved to partner with Google to launch the world’s biggest online ebookstore – 40 times bigger than Waterstones it aims to offer over two million titles by the end of 2009, with one million titles available right now. is the first ebookstore outside the US to partner with Google to include over 1 million public domain books (close to half a million outside the US) from Google Books in its online library.

Starting today, will feature a Google API with out of copyright works from the Google Books index, accessible for free via the website, and the company’s own ereader.

Company founder and CEO Neil Jones is an eBook evangelist, he believes that by 2015:
– A quarter of the UK population will own an eReader
– Every eReader will have the technology to contain as many books as are in the British Library
– eReaders will be a regular part of school and university education

The company offers its own eReader software. Cross-platform this lets users access a plethora of eBook formats, including EPUB, PDF, MP3, FB2, RTF, TXT, HTML, PRC (non DRM), JPG, GIF, BMP.

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