Two separate iPod case makers today effectively confirmed Apple’s next-gen iPods will carry cameras, reinforcing months of expectation of the same.

UK case manufacturer Proporta has distributed a press release offering cases for the as-yet unannounced iPod nano. The manufacturer hasn’t yet released any images of the new range, presumably being under an NDA of some kind with Apple Inc. – but has confirmed the new models will feature cameras, or at the least it believes they will.

“The new Apple 5G iPod nano looks set to be a typically beautiful new product from the Apple stable, building on the already impressive 4G nano by adding a camera and improving the size of the screen,” the company said, announcing its new range.

The new products include an Aluminium Lined Leather Case and the Ted Baker Leather Case.

Another European manufacturer, Hama, is also showing cases for the next generation of Apple iPods, including for the iPod nano and iPod touch, Engadget reports.

Interestingly, both cases feature holes for the cameras we now know are iPod-bound. Also of interest is the lack of any mention of the iPod classic, which is bound to fuel further speculation that the original iPod may have reached the end of its journey, despite one recent Digitimes report claiming the iPod classic will also gain a camera.

Apple will reveal all on September 9th at a keynote presentation during which the company is also expected to introduce iTunes 9, equipped with extra features. Speculation exists that music from The Beatles will also be made available through the service at the event.

Many also anticipate the introduction of iPhone Software 3.1. While this expectation is based on thin reports, AT&T’s promise to at last provide support for MMS messaging on the device later this month lends a little weight to the notion.

AT&T will not, however, introduce support for tethering, explaining that its networks are not yet sufficiently robust to handle an anticipated increase in data traffic when it does so.

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