Use of an iPhone to access the Web climbed c.10 per cent in August when compared to the previous month, and its share of total internet traffic has more than doubled since October last year, the latest NetApplications statistics inform.

iPhone’s accounted for 0.33 per cent of Web traffic last month, up from 0.30 per cent the month before and 0.14 per cent in October 2008, the figures reveal.

That’s one-third of the number of machines running Linux currently being used to access the Web; and is a higher figure than use of Java ME and Symbian devices to get online.

Mac operating systems accounted for 4.87 per cent of traffic, up from 3.79 per cent in October last year. Windows held fairly steady at 93 per cent, the figures reveal.

Internet Explorer continues to be the most-used browser, with 66.7 per cent share; it’s followed by Firefox with 22.98 per cent and Safari, which grabbed 4.07 per cent of overall traffic, the fresh NetApps stats claim.

Chrome continues to climb, now capturing 2.84 per cent of use, while Opera is used during 2.04 per cent of online sessions, the researchers said.

With Windows 7 due to go on sale October 22, 2009, is tracking its usage market share at  1.18% with the release candidate made available by Microsoft. Most usage comes at the expense of Windows XP users, who have skipped upgrading to Windows Vista, but are now upgrading to Windows 7.

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