"Seth the Blogger guy" is really Seth Bloom, a Senior Vice President at AT&T’s outsourced public relations group. His title is as genuine as his message.


Everything from the 45 degree head tilt to the silly graphics have the ring of an out of touch PR agency trying to hit the blogger demographic. The intent? To stop the downward spiral of negative publicity surrounding AT&T’s fumbling of the iPhone.  Result?  "Save your PR spend and put it into your network."

Update: Mr. Bloom writes in to clarify his postion:

Wow, yeah.  Tough crowd.

I guess that I’d just ask – if you agree it makes sense – that you let folks know that the “blogger guy” moniker stems from what I do for AT&T – work with tech bloggers around the country.  It’s genuine, not contrived. 

Seth [Bloom]




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