We went a few weeks without a tablet rumor – which was scary – but the Taiwan Economic News chimes in today with a bunch of parts information on Apple’s forthcoming Tablet.  From reports from Dynapro, a battery supplier, they expect to build 300,000 units/month.  Wintek is again said to be the supplier of the touch panels, which they also build for the iPhone.

The tablet PC features a 9.6-inch screen, finger-touch function and built-in HSPDA (high speed download packet access) module, and adopts a P.A. SEMI processor chip and long lasting battery pack, selling for between US$799 and US$999. DynaPack International Technology Corp. has been exclusively contracted to supply up to 300,000 units of long lasting battery packs a month for Apple`s newest tablet PCs.

The HSDPA module also seems to indicate that it would have to be on AT&T/Tmobile, not Verizon.  It has been widely speculated that the tablet would also work on Verizon’s network.

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