Holy augmented reality, clever Japanese developers are putting together an iPhone-based technology for cyclists that uses a heads-up display to help them get to where they’re going as they hit the road.

The Scalar T3-A display connects to your iPhone to grab mapping data which it them shows in a visual display held at the corner of your eye. This display is retractable, though we’re not sure of the iPhone position – the contraption currently requires the device be mounted on the top of the helmet. (Oh, and also lets you receive phone calls hands-free, which we don’t really recommend any cyclist do on a busy high street).

That positioning means your iPhone is exposed to the elements and is in easy reach of any passing taller vehicles. No protection has been developed for this system yet, but as it’s a prototype, we don’t expect this salient point to be missed out. No final shipping details have been announced.

The system joins a range of augmented reality apps currently wending their way to Apple’s mobile platform.

In recent months we’ve seen the debut of the NY Subway Map system which uses augmented reality tech to help you find the nearest subway. This then developed itself into Bionic Eye, which we told you about earlier this week, helping you find fast food joints, hotels, WiFi hotspots and more.

And earlier this month we let you know about the Vuzix video eyeglasses featuring a see through video technology which enables you to see what’s going on around you while also using applications such as Google Maps.

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