Apple’s got a new support doc out today and it sheds some light on what’s going on behind the scenes of iTunes LP.  Firstly, to play an iTunes LP, you’ll need a 2GHz Dore 2 Duo or faster processor, so earlier model Minis and MacBooks need not apply.  PowerPC?  Pshaw (No).  On PCs, the same requirements apply.

Perhaps most interesting however, is the minimum screen requirements.  Apple states that the screen resolution has to be at least 1280×800 on both Mac or PC.  There are a lot of people out there running media centers on 720P screens that might not meet these requirements.

If the tablets are going to be able to access this type of content (and what are they good for if they can’t?), they’ll need to meet these video requirements as well.  Although we’ve said it before, let it be known that we’re saying it again:  We believe that the tablet will have at least 720P resolution, probably more like 1280×800.

A more common screen size for netbooks like the Dell Mini 10 is 1,366 x 768.  This is also a very distinct possibility.

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