Apple Legal plans legal action against Australia retailer, Woolworths, over use of a logo the computer company thinks is too similar to its own.

Woolworths insists its logo is no more than a stylised W, but Apple plans a legal challenge all the same. How similar do the two logos appear to you?

As part of the action, Apple Inc. will have to convince IP Australia, the Australian Federal Government agency that governs trademarks, to reject Woolworths’ trademark application, filed in August last year.

The issue is Woolworths gradual move to diversify its product offering. Winning the trademark would entitle the retailer to put its logo on all manner of devices, including computers, should the company choose to OEM its own models. The application includes uses which govern various classes of consumer electronics, including computers.

A bigger issue is Apple Retail. Apple is currently expanding its international retail operations, including launch of its own-branded stores in Australia.

Apple takes pains to protect its trademark in most such cases.

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