We know Apple enjoys a better relationship with games industry chiefs than it ever has before, on strength of its iPhone and iPod touch. Now it looks like a key gaming partner is laying the ground to make a little comic book push when Apple launches its first tablet device early next year.

Electronic Arts has announced a new brand, EA Comics. This company will license comic book brands and franchises for publication both in print and through iTunes.

EA, in collaboration with iDW Publishing, will pick and choose titles from among big names which include Transformers, Star Trek, Doctor Who and more.

The first two EA Comics comics will be Army Of Two and Dragon Age, and will be penned by established writers Peter Milligan and Orson Scott Card.

We’re pushing the boat out on speculation here, but somehow expect these releases will be similar to that of the Mayhem comic most recently released in the iTunes Extras format, aiming to produce deeper multimedia experiences than you presently find inside print titles, and using EA’s games and graphics development expertise. But that’s just a notion at the moment.

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