Barnes and Noble is set to introduce their Kindle-fighting eBook reader next week, but Gizmodo (on a tablet roll lately) beat them to it.  Hardware-wise it is an interesting concoction. It is Amazon Kindle-like eInk on top, iPhone like multi-touch color on the bottom.   The mullet of tablets or multi-sport star?

The question is: is having it both ways better?  You can read in sunlight but navigation is difficult.  You can see color multi-media below, but the space is small.  Books will have to cater towards this specific interface.

And that’s the kicker. The interface will tell the tale – and for that, we’ll probably have to wait until October 20th.  We have to say, however, that we like that Barnes and Noble is breaking this out rather than trying to ride its traditional business into the ground.

more picts at Gizmodo


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