Doing his day job at Newsweek, Dan Lyons reports that Apple’s tablet warrants the hype that it is getting (without even officially existing) because it will usher in new era of computing – where the Internet is always on "Like the air you breathe".  If that is really the case, then we’re hoping that Apple picks a different provider because we’ve been suffocating on AT&T for too long!

These devices will play video and music and, of course, display text; they will let you navigate by touching your fingers to the screen; and-this is most important-they will be connected to the Internet at all times. For those of us who carry iPhones, this shift to a persistent Internet has already happened, and it’s really profound. The Internet is no longer a destination, someplace you "go to." You don’t "get on the Internet." You’re always on it. It’s just there, like the air you breathe.

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