In a series of tweets today, iPhone Dev team leader, MuscleNerd, revealed some hacks that might make your iPhone life a little more interesting. 

First, there is a baseband hack called whiterat that will allow 2G iPhones to send and recieve photo MMSes.  Apple’s 3.0 update only enabled MMS on iPhone 3G and 3GS models.  Nifty!

Next up is a two-bit (not $.25) baseband hack that will re-enable sweet, sweet tethering on the most recent 3.1.2 iPhone OS-updated iPhones.  The previous tethering hack only worked on iPhone 3.0 software and firmware.

AT&T isn’t likely to enable tethering until 2010.

Both of these are pretty hardcore, as they mess with your iPhone’s baseband.  That definitely means that they fall into the "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK" category.  As he and we remind you, this could also cause AT&T to do some extra gouging to your phone bill.

That being said, let us know if you’ve had any success in trying these or if there are easier ways to acomplish the above.



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