Here we go: Microsoft today opened its second ‘me too’ store in the same mall as Apple, this time in Mission Viejo, California.

It’s the new physical manifestation of the philosophical battle between Microsoft’s strategy of managing through necessity and Apple’s “whole widget’ M.O.

Naturally it all represents part of the (expensive) marketing hype surrounding the release of Windows 7, itself preceded by the Apples camouflaged cat, Snow Leopard.

This second opening has the significance that the new MSFT shop is in the same mall as Apple’s, though in an interesting manouver, Apple’s shop is currently “closed for renovation”.

This likely means the November re-opening of Apple’s Orange County shop will attract a little more interest than most high street retailers attract after a little redecoration job.

(Microsoft has a few images of its opening, featuring crowds attracted by offers such as a $25 Zune gift card).

Hurrah (erm).

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