This morning’s biggest news comes from Apple’s long-standing advertising agency, TBWA/Media Arts Lab, where the esteemed Lee Clow (66) is resigning his position as chief creative officer.

Clow’s abandonment of the creative lead he has held on the account that has distinguished his career suggests he is taking steps towards retirement.

His role will be filled by Duncan Milner, who has been executive creative director on Apple and a TBWA alum since 1990. Clow will remain chairman and global director of Media Arts Lab and chief creative of the TBWA network.

Working with Steve Hayden, Clow created Appe’s famed ‘1984’ commercial, he also came up with the “Think Different” slogan. He has taken a string of industry awards, including recognition this year as one of the “100 most creative people in business”.

CLow recently said (according to Print Magazine), "The Apple Store was probably the best ad we ever did. Everything a brand does is advertising.”

Media Arts Lab was founded in 2006 to serve Apple.

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