If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone and enabled SSH, change your default password! 

Reports from Sophos indicate that another hack is spreading that uses this obvious vulnerability to Rick Roll Jailbreakers with the wallpaper pictured below.  Sophos, being a security vendor, states the obvious: If you leave your iPhone open like this, literally everything in it including email and bank passwords are vulnerable.  This one is currently circulating around Australia but nothing is preventing it from spreading overseas.

Jailbreakers who’ve been hacked will see the wallpaper (above) with the phrase “ikee [the name of the hacker] is never going to give you up” at the top. Best to do a restore at this point and change your password if you are going to jailbreak!

Instructions on changing your iPhone’s default password below

How to change your iPhone root password:

Step 1: If you haven

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