Gizmodo is reporting that Apple has added another layer of protection/rejection to the App Store approval process.  According to some (well sourced?) developer Tweets, Apple has added a static analysis tool to look for private API calls inside submitted Apps.  According to Gizmodo, they’re looking for apps that have been developed with third party SDKs.

That might not bode well for Adobe’s next version of Flash CS5 which features exporting Flash applications to iPhone.  Apple has stated policy that iPhone Apps must be developed with the iPhone development kit, so it is a bit surprising that Adobe would build this process into their Flash software.  The fact that Adobe was secretly working with developers to get apps into the App Store that were made with Flash probably was reason enough for the move…if this is, in fact the case.

Apple also has had issues with applications stealing user phone numbers.  This type of vetting could also find applications from retrieving that information.

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