Some may recall the introduction of the all-new, camera-carrying iPod nano and its hot new feature – radio tagging of tracks played on its built-in FM radio for future purchase through iTunes.

This sounded great, but UK users had no radio channel offering support for the neat new feature – until now: Today, Absolute Radio became the first radio station in Europe to launch iTunes Tagging on the iPod Nano.

The new service was announced on the channel this morning, and will launch in London only via the station’s 105.8FM service, via a deal with Unique Interactive and Jump2Go.

How it works: When users hear a song they like on Absolute Radio on 105.8FM in London, they can simply tag it and then preview and purchase that song when they next sync to iTunes.

Simon Cole, CEO of UBC (the big brand behind the radio channel) said, “The use of radio as a prompt to purchase for music has been a vision of ours for the last three years. I’m really pleased to see much of the work we have put into developing IP in this area coming to fruition in our work with Absolute.  

“We are confident that tagging technologies are certain to be central to the broadcast model of the future. We are well positioned to benefit from this development.”

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