If there is any PC manufacturer that has been even a little bit creative over the past decade, it is ASUS.  They’ve not only invented the NetBook (which is responsible for most PC growth lately) but also more outlandish things like the ‘computer in a keyboard’ (pictured below). 

Today Digitimes informs us that they’re entering the tablet game with a…

..new device named Eee Pad featuring a 4- to 7-inch panel, and which will offer a combination of tablet PC and MID functions. 

The inspiration for this device?  The non-existent Apple tablet.  Or, at least the rumors of such a device.

Current details of the Eee Pad suggest the product has been inspired by the rumors of Apple’s planned tablet device, the sources commented.

One thing we know about ASUS.  They make inexpensive products.  The Eee Pad will be cheaper than the $499 JooJoo, especially at the 4-7 inch size.

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