Apple boss Steve Jobs took home his usual one dollar salary in 2009, though the value of his stake in the company climbed to $1.1 billion.

Jobs is famed for not taking the kind of perks pocketed by many other CEOs, though the Gulfstream V jet he was given by the company in 1999 always wins a mention. 2009 saw Jobs take just $4,000 reimbursement for company-related travel on that jet. (He was reimbursed $871,000 in 2008).

The company co-founder holds 5.5 million shares in Apple. He has not sold any shares since his return to the company in 1997, and has not been granted any new shares since 2003.

Jobs is also the largest individual shareholder of The Walt Disney Co. His 7.4 percent stake is currently worth about $4.5 billion.

Apple will hold its annual shareholder meeting on February 25, during which votes will be taken on executive compensation and on two green proposals: one for a detailed environmental sustainability report, and the other for a board committee devoted to that issue.

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