Remember when Steve Jobs couldn’t figure out what a tablet would be good for?  He told his engineers,”what are they good for besides surfing the Web in the bathroom?”

Maybe Jobs’ liver transplant ordeal gave him the final answer.  During his stay in the hospital, he had to have seen what an absurd nightmare of a bureaucracy the US health care system was and at the same time what benefit a tablet could bring to the whole operation.  Doctors often use bulky, three pound tablets to do their work. 

Can you imagine Jobs in the hospital seeing people running around with an unreliable Windows Vista tablet.  “So let me get this straight.  You pay $3000/apiece for that and there are 10,000 employees here and there are thousands of hospitals like this all over the world?  And it runs Windows?”

This isn’t just conjecture according to Jason Wilk at TinyComb. Apple has spent the last 6 weeks courting doctors at Cedars Sinai in Los Angeles…

Apple has been going around targeting their first major paying customer for the device, which is not the average consumer, but the Healthcare industry (sorry fanbois, you

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