Another classy one from AT&T:

Ars contacted Sling to see what exactly they did to optimize their code for it to get accepted by AT&T.  They said there had been no changes since the original submission over a year ago and that it had always been optimized for 3G network streaming.  

“We didn’t change anything,” Sling Media’s John Santoro told Ars. “AT&T never discussed any specific requirements with us.”

Santoro explained that SlingPlayer Mobile has always contained code to adapt the stream quality to the given network conditions. AT&T has been in discussions with Sling since it was first released last year, but AT&T never asked the company to make specific modifications. No changes were made to the app’s 3G streaming capabilities between its being barred from AT&T and now.

That makes AT&T a big fat liar.  From their press release yesterday:

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