Perhaps this is a bit obvious, but today Appleinsider goes forth and says that future Macs, specifically the Mac Mini (which they declared as dead two years ago) will this year have HDMI ports.  

They further mention that these unreleased Minis have Nvidia’s next generation MCP89 chipsets (vs. current MCP79-GeForce 9400M) which aren’t licensed to use Intel’s Core i3, i5, i7 lineup of processors.  That would mean that the Minis are going to stay in the Core 2 Duo range of processors or that this design is going to get scrapped for an Intel chipset design.

Current DisplayPort Macs can get HDMI-out with various inexpensive adapters both with sound and without.

The move would also give the Macs-with-BluRay idea some more hope.

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