page spells out that iPhone OS 4.0 won’t support original iPhone or iPod touch

One of the bigger stories today was that some guy who didn’t read Apple’s iPhone 4.0 preview page (or 9to5mac) asked Steve Jobs a week later if Apple would support the original iPhone.  Jobs, as per usual, was short and sweet. 

“Sorry, no”. 

Of course, the blogbots all lined up and posted the news as if it were new information. (OK we’ve posted plenty of the Jobs emails but we like to think some of them reveal new information when we do.)

But why doesn’t Apple support the original iPhone (and iPod touch)? 

We know that the differences between the iPhone and the iPhone 3G aren’t really significant to to the OS update.  The 3G has a different Bluetooth chip, GPS and obviously 3G.  The processor, storage and memory are the same, with the exception of the 4GB original model.  

So why wouldn’t it be able to handle iPhone OS 4?  I’m not saying Apple should support original iPhones as in AppleCare, I just wonder what is preventing the OS from being installed on the original iPhone.

…and the iPod touch, which has an slightly faster processor clocking in gen 2 — that could be equalized with a firmware update — is also left out of iPhone OS4.  (From Wikipedia)

The second generation iProducts won’t do multi-tasking in OS 4 but it can be updated.  Generation 1 devices won’t update.  Why?

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