Following yesterday’s news about the Apple employee being fired over showing Woz the iPad 3G, we looked more into the ordeal and have discovered who the Apple employee actually was. The night of the incident at the Valley Fair Apple Store, a video showing an Apple employee showing of the 3G iPad to Woz and others hit the interwebs.

Up until now nobody saw the face of the employee but 9to5mac managed to secure a video shot from a different angle (thanks SolTran!). This angle clearly shows who the employee is (He’s the one saying “I work for Apple”), and you can clearly see he is holding an iPad 3G due to the black bar at the top. We’ve done some snooping around on Linkedin and determined the recently terminated engineer is AJ…nevermind.

Just like Woz, we truly feel horrible for AJ and wish him the best of luck in the future. It seems he has already landed a new job with Roxio doing Quality Assurance, which is fantastic.  A blown up shot of the iPad 3G below from that fateful night below

We’ve reached out for comment but aren’t expecting too much.

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