According to PC, the new MacBook Pro design isn’t as good as dissipating CPU heat as other laptops that run similar hardware.  The Core i7 MacBook Pro ran up to 100 degrees on Cinebench testing while a similarly-equipped Fujitsu notebook ran 20 degrees cooler.   Tests were done on the MacBook running both Windows and MacOS.

A similar situation occurred in OS X. We’ve included the graph showing the heat output from the MacBook Pro’s sensors below. In it the CPU peaks at 101 degrees, but worryingly the heat buildup in the CPU doesn’t register on the enclosure sensors. This is despite the chassis getting hot to the touch, and the heat buildup being registered on all the hardware-based sensors in the Macbook Pro.

We haven’t had heat issues on our MacBook Pros since the original releases, but we also aren’t running Cinebench over and over again on them either.

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