today predicts a new product release this week based on a “well-placed source familiar with Apple inventory levels and product refreshes.”  This is the same person who was aware of the last round of MacBook Pros.

The new product number is MC516LL/A K87 BETTER BTR-USA.

Current MacBook Air part numbers are 1.86GHz MacBook Air (MC233LL/A) 2.13GHz MacBook Air (MC234LL/A).  Earlier reports said the MacBook Air would recieve the new, ultra low power Intel Core i3 processor, however, Intel has been behind on new processor deliveries lately.

One other request for a new MacBook Air? 4GB of RAM.  Even the lowest end MacBook Pro has 4GB. also says that the part could refer to an updated Cinema Display, possibly even a 27-inch variety with the same screen as the iMac.  The current LED Cinema Display part number is MB382LL/A.

Or, it could be something else entirely.  Whatever it is, they expect it to make itself known on Tuesday.  Set your alarm clocks!

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