Since the 1980’s, Apple’s financial bread and butter was the Macintosh — really, the company’s only major source of revenue. Since 2001, when the iPod was introduced, the iPod and iTunes Store have turned into asecond significant revenue stream for the company. In the past three years, since it launched in 2007, the iPhone has exploded as a source of cash for Apple, Inc. So successful in fact, that the iPhone counts for nearly as much revenue as the Macintosh and the iPod divisions combined.

For the most recent fiscal quarter, ending in March 2010, iPhone sales of a record 8.75 million units accounted for 40 percent of revenue at Apple: $5.45 billion of $13.5 billion in total revenue. The Macintosh (2.94 million units) and iPod (10.89 million units) combined brought in $5.62 billion. Not a bad haul, and it shows just how important the iPhone is to Apple’s future.

The obvious next question: what percentage of revenue will the iPad make up next quarter?

(Data courtesy Apple, Inc.)

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