And just like that, the Feds are involved.

The FBI says it is investigating a data breach at AT&T that exposed the e-mail addresses of more than 114,000 owners of the Apple iPad, including government officials. The agency said Thursday it is looking into “the potential cyber threat” from the breach.

It isn’t certain what “cyber threat” a bunch of email addresses could pose, but with high ranking government officials, including the White house staff and military involved, the FBI is probably on a “better safe than sorry” gameplan.  

“The FBI is aware of these possible computer intrusions and has opened an investigation,” said Katherine Schweit, an FBI spokeswoman. Ms. Schweit said the FBI opened the investigation Thursday but it will not comment on what it is looking at. “It’s very early in the investigation,” she said.

A small group of computer experts that calls itself Goatse Security said it discovered the flaw, saying it was able to find the email addresses on AT&T’s website by guessing numbers that identify iPads connected to AT&T’s mobile network. The group said it uncovered 114,000 email addresses, including those of prominent officials in companies, politics and the military. A member of the group says it hasn’t heard from law enforcement and that it didn’t do anything illegal, so doesn’t see why it would.

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