Shocking coming from the source.  Gizmodo says the iPhone 4 is fatally flawed because it is all glass and poorly engineered antenna on the outside, no matter how nice the Retina Display and new features and size are.  Apparently, they’ve already experienced some breakage.

This time, despite creating perhaps the best smartphone available and one of the most beautiful industrial objects in their history, the Apple industrial design team has failed. This time, Dieter Rams won’t be happy, just like consumers won’t be happy when their iPhone’s back break or the signal drops just for holding it.

From our point of view, we’ve dropped our previous iPhones many times and never had a screen breakage.  We’re not sure why those would start happening now.  Although we can reproduce the antenna issue, we’re not bothered by the simple tape or case fix.  And the volume keys?  Who cares!

What do you think?

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