Clayton Morris reports on an official Apple statement in regards to the impact of July 4th’s supposed iTunes “hacking.” As we reported that day, Thuat Nguyen under his development company, “mycompany” compromised iTunes accounts in order to purchase his applications. It is assumed he did this in hopes of a major spike in revenue which correlates to bringing his apps to the top of the App Store.

This turned out to be a complete failure as only hours later we discovered that Apple completely booted him along with his applications from the iTunes App Store.  

This morning we reported that Engadget got vague official words confirming the occurrence of said incident. Tonight, we have been given the most specific information yet through some simple answers from Apple’s public relations team.

Apple has gone on record to say that only 400 users were impacted by the incident which is only 0.0003% of the 150 million iTunes accounts. Additionally, Apple iTunes servers were not compromised in any way. 

This still leaves doubts in Apple’s iTunes security system as information as to how even 400 people were impacted is yet to be officially revealed. We along with many others presume that this is connected to online fishing scams. This is connected to people using the same email and password combination on multiple online accounts. 

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